• Line Skrøder



    2D Reel

    In 2D I focus heavily on fluidity and volume, while capturing the tone of the scene.

    Mixed Reel

    Here you can see my skills in 2D, 3D, and After Effects Animation

  • Projects

    Danish Military

    Graphics Artist

    Modeling, texturing and animation in Blender


    Death and the Winemaker (2019)

    Clean Up Artist

    A Short film by Victor Jaquier.

    Working as a freelance cleanup artist.


    Divine Consultans (2018)


    Divine Consultans is a web comic by Juha Filiin. On a freelance basis, I have done some 2D animations in TV Paint of some of the characters. Animations such as head-turns, walks, blinks and other reusable motions.

    - Disclaimer-

    The work in the shown trailer is not mine.

    Big Hero 6 the Series (2018)

    Animation Intern and Clean Up Artist

    Nørlum cooperation on Disney's first season of Big Hero 6 the series. Here I first interned and helped with 2D animation, cleanup, color and tone in Toonboom. I was employed after the internship and worked as a cleanup artist, and lend my 3D animation skills for the production.

    City of Memories (2018)


    Graduation Shortfilm by Signe Tveitan.

    "An orphan girl is stuck in a crumbling city, living among memories. Her life is changed when she finally connects with someone in the present."

    The Last Rainforest (2016)


    Commercial for Forests of the World, rainforest preservation company. https://www.verdensskove.org/

    Inspired (2016)


    Short film by Chris Bjerremose

    Still a work in progress.

    Koy (2015)

    Lead Animator

    Short film for kids between the age of 3 - 5.

  • About Me

    My name is Line Skrøder, I'm from Denmark and I live to learn.

    I love working in 2D, focusing on the movement to bring about the essence of the character. I would love to work in a company where there is a great variation in projects so I am able to explore new avenues and become better at my profession.


    Besides animation I enjoy working with illustration, commissions and hone my skills in drawing.
    I’m always eager to learn, independently and with others, and would like to become a jack of all trades.


    I dream about starting my own company together with other people and a dog or two on a farm in Denmark to create a variety of animation films, like 2D, 3D and Stopmotion.

  • Experience

    2020 February - 2020 October

    The Danish Military - Education department

    Graphic Artist

    Produced interactive learning solutions in Powerpoint.

    3D animation, modeling and texturing in Blender.

    Graphic designs in Illustrator.

    Taken part in The Danish Learning Festival in Copenhagen, with focus on e-learning.


    2019 (3 Months)

    Death and the Winemaker by Victor Jaquier

    Cleanup artist

    Freelance cleanup artist on the production of the shortfilm.

    Worked in TV-Paint.


    2018 (2 Months)

    Filiin Films


    Worked Freelance as their 2D animator, while also doing some cleanup and coloring.

    Worked in TV-Paint.


    2018 (2 Months)


    Cleanup Artist

    Producing 3D animation, cleanup, color and tone for Big Hero 6 the series by Disney.

    Worked in ToonBoom and Maya.


    2018 - 2017


    Animation Intern

    Helped producing animation, cleanup, color and tone for Big Hero 6 the series by Disney.

    Worked in ToonBoom.


    2018 - 2012

    Producing 2D flash animations, drawings, graphic solutions and storyboards.


    2018 - 2011


    Working for different clients - portraits, designs, and illustrations.


    2014 - 2008
    Vamdrup Theater
    Poster designer
    I drew posters for different performances


    2012 (6 months)
    Work on different commercials, character designs, illustrations, storyboarding and 2D flash animations.



    Sun Creature

    Cleanup Professional Course


    2018 - 2014
    The Animation Workshop Viborg
    Bachelor Degree in Character Animation

    2014 - 2013
    The Media Schools Viborg
    Web-integrator - Main Course

    2013 - 2012


    Web-integrator - Basic Course


    2011 - 2008
    Munkensdam Gymnasium
    Humanities, English, German, Biology
    STX (Highschool)


    Danish: Speak, Read, Write (native language)
    English: Speak, Read, Write (used daily)
    German: Read, Understand


    • Toon Boom
    • Photoshop
    • Premiere pro
    • After Effects
    • Animate/ Flash
    • TVPaint
    • Maya
    • Clip Studio Paint
    • Blender
    • Powerpoint - ISpring
    • Moodle LMS
    • Drone License 1a
    • Drivers License B
    • Animation
    • Design
    • Illustration
    • Coding (html5, css, php,)
  • Contact Me

    Kongeåvej 32
    6580 Vamdrup
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